Kyle for Santa Cruz City Schools

Kyle Kelley for Santa Cruz City Schools

I’m Kyle Ray Kelley, a parent at Bay View Elementary, a husband, and a community advocate.
It would be a great honor to serve the Santa Cruz City School district as a Trustee.

  • Diversify funding for our school districts

    I will work together with my colleagues, the district, parents, students, and the legislature to find more ways to fund our schools.

  • Spend funds effectively

    Our little school district has to be incredibly smart about how it uses limited funds.

  • Establish an excellent universal Pre-K program

    Studies show that children who attend preschool have enhanced brain development and improved learning outcomes as they begin their academic journeys.

  • Recruit and retain high quality teachers and support staff

    Our community is whole when we can bring in the best teachers and keep them here in our district.

Kyle Kelley with his toddler and eldest daughter

I'm running for District 2 which covers portions of Downtown, Beach Flats, and the lower Westside. Santa Cruz City Schools's Board of Eduction elects representatives within Trustee Areas.

map of district two
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